Borealis Precision is a solution focused distributor of high-precision Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) technologies. Our expertise in finding you the right positioning solution for your unique application means that you and your products will get working faster, and stay productive.

Borealis Precision represents the highest performance/highest reliability products from industry leaders. We understand that the equipment that you field drives your reputation – and ultimately ours.


    • Attitude (or orientation) can be determined with multiple GNSS (ALIGN) or GNSS/INS (SPAN). SPAN provides the ultimate solution, as it bridges GNSS outages and offers very high accuracy at a high data rate. We carry a broad range of SPAN products; from the commercial off the shelf SPAN-CPT to the highest performance systems in the industry.

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    • Not every application requires sub-decimeter precision. We offer an unparalleled selection of cost effective L1 GNSS options. The following platforms offer different levels of scalability at different price points.

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