Power Consumption Lowered on OEMStar Receiver, Expanding Possibilities for Battery Powered Applications

NovAtel is announcing that the recent 1.011 Firmware Release for its OEMStar L1 GNSS receiver has significantly reduced the card’s power consumption. The OEMStar receiver now consumes only 450 mW for GPS+GLONASS operation and 360 mW for GPS-only operation.

This makes the OEMStar ideal for battery-powered applications such as handheld GIS data collectors, smart survey antennas, and even some unmanned vehicles, the company said.

The OEMStar receiver is NovAtel’s lowest cost, high-performance L1 GNSS receiver. The 14-channel OEMStar provides accurate positioning using L1 GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS signals, the company said. NovAtel’s GL1DE technology is also available on the OEMStar receiver.

By providing this functionality as a firmware update, customers can apply it to their existing receivers, enabling quick changeover and minimal downtime, free of charge to NovAtel customers, the company said.