NovAtel FlexPak6 Enclosure Designed for Current and Future GNSS Signals


NovAtel, Inc., today announced the launch of the high-performance FlexPak6 GNSS enclosure, the first product to house the company’s new OEM628 multi-constellation receiver. The FlexPak6 is designed for easy integration and is capable of tracking all current and upcoming GNSS satellite signals plus L-band, said the company, ensuring peak positioning performance now and into the future.

Compact and lightweight, the FlexPak6 builds on the FlexPak-G2 series of products by adding powerful OEM6 features such as RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) for improved GNSS system integrity, NTRIP client and server capabilities for integration into network reference applications, and 100-Hz measurements for high-dynamic applications.

The FlexPak6 features a translucent design to allow users to view internal status LEDs for easy diagnosis, while a wide input voltage range and an array of interface options including Ethernet and CAN Bus permit quick and simple integration, NovAtel said. Software upgradable in the field, the FlexPak6 provides custom and flexible performance for a wide range of application demands whether they have meter or centimeter-level accuracy requirements.

“The lightweight form-factor of the FlexPak6 enclosure makes it ideal for weight and power sensitive application such as UAV and robotics,” said Ben Greenwood, product manager for NovAtel Enclosures. “With onboard NTRIP client and server support and enhanced connection options, this robust, versatile product is also well suited to rover or base applications.

The FlexPak6 is available to order immediately; product shipments will commence in April, 2011.