NovAtel’s ALIGN® Firmware Now Offered in Two Models for Heading and Relative Positioning Capabilities

(Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July 14th, 2011) – NovAtel Inc., (NovAtel) today introduced its enhanced ALIGN solution, as part of the company’s new 6.100 firmware release.

ALIGN is now available in two models: ALIGN Heading™ and ALIGN Relative Positioning™. The two ALIGN models facilitate system installation with plug-and-play configuration and offer the flexibility to design either GNSS attitude or relative positioning solutions.

ALIGN Heading generates high precision 2D vehicle attitude (heading and pitch) between two antennas and can be extended to offer 3D attitude (heading, roll and pitch) with a third receiver. ALIGN Relative Positioning offers accurate relative positioning between two or more moving platforms for high precision monitoring and automation in dynamic applications.

Doug Langen, Product Manager for NovAtel’s OEM Cards stated, “Our enhanced ALIGN firmware is ideal for any dynamic application seeking affordable, precise vehicle attitude determination. The Relative Positioning functionality is perfectly suited for applications requiring accurate navigation and positioning between several platforms.”

Unlike other solutions, ALIGN can be operated as a network of receivers rather than just a pair. This provides operators comprehensive spatial awareness of other users within proximity, increasing productivity and safety on the job.