Next-Generation Platform Propels NovAtel’s SPAN-CPT™ Performance to New Levels

(Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 3, 2013) — Today NovAtel announced that its popular single-box SPAN-CPT GNSS/INS receiver now supports the company’s next-generation OEM6 GNSS technology platform. The OEM6 GNSS engine significantly improves positioning performance through its support of GPS and GLONASS, all-in-view satellite tracking and intelligent measurement selection.

Jason Hamilton, Director of Marketing for NovAtel stated, “We kept the design of the enhanced SPAN-CPT identical to our legacy product to ensure a seamless upgrade process for our customers who would like to take advantage of the improved positioning capabilities. The enhanced SPAN-CPT is fully backwards compatible with the previous generation of product. It retains the same compact form factor with identical pin-out and log structure.”

As with the previous generation product, the upgraded SPAN-CPT integrates NovAtel’s precision receiver technology with fiber optic gyro and MEMS accelerometer inertial components from KVH Industries in one compact unit. The tight-coupling of the GNSS and INS technologies optimizes the raw GNSS and IMU data, delivering a superior position, velocity and attitude solution. Comprised entirely of commercial components, the SPAN-CPT minimizes the operational complexities of working across international boundaries.

Production of the OEM6 supported SPAN-CPT commences June 1, 2013.

More information on the SPAN-CPT can be found at: