OEM6™ – Manuals

OEM6 Installation and Operation – OM-20000128
OEM6 Firmware Reference Guide – OM-20000129
OEM6 6.1 Firmware Reference Addendum
FlexPak6 Quick Start Guide

SPAN Manuals


SPAN Technology for OEMV User Manual – OM-20000104
SPAN Technology for OEMV Quick Start Guide – GM-14915073


SPAN-SE User Manual – OM-20000124
SPAN-SE Quick Start Guide – GM-14915082


SPAN-CPT User Manual – OM-20000122
SPAN-CPT Quick Start Guide – GM-14915081

RF Equipment Selection and Installation (including extended length antenna cable runs)

NovAtel offers GPS antennas and cables tailored for use with the OEM4, OEMV, and SSII families of GPS receivers. These accessories provide for both easy installation and optimal operation. However, as the receivers are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, the use of non-NovAtel accessories or a unique installation may be desired. This application note provides information on the standard NovAtel configuration, as well as recommendations for meeting the receiver’s RF input requirements in special cases. In addition, information on obtaining the equipment required for such cases is given.


ALIGN Overview and Setup

This application note provides an overview of the new ALIGN feature enhancements supported by the Y-model, as well as the receiver hardware setup and the software configuration.


Loading Firmware on SPAN-SE

This application note provides procedures for using WinLoad to load or reload firmware on individual SPAN-SE components.


Vehicle to Body Rotations

This application note gives general guidance on how to extract the vehicle’s attitude with respect to the local level frame.


Why Impedance Matching is Important

The purpose of this application note is to discuss the importance of impedance matching. This Application Note will not go into the specific engineering formulas involved with designing a complex RF transmission line network.


Basic SPAN Setup and Alignment

This video provides a step-by-step introduction to install and configure, and align your SPAN GPS/INS.